Samit Bhattacharyya

Contact Information

office: W247A Millennium Science Complex

phone: 814.865.6080



I am a postdoctoral fellow working on ecology of infectious disease with a view to understand how complexities at host and pathogen level scale up to population level dynamics. 

Pathogen interference often plays an important role in shaping out the disease outbreak. In this lab, I am specifically studying (in collaboration with Ottar BjornstadWhooping cough strains (pertussis andparapertussis) and investigating mechanisms that underlie the out-of-phase dynamical pattern of these two pathogens. I blend both mathematical theories and computational techniques to address these problems. 

I am also working on transient dynamics of resurgent Measles outbreaks. Measles are still fairly common in developing countries, even after years of apparent control. Recent re-emergence of measles in many places characterizes unpredictable features that indicate a clear shift in the disease epidemiology. I am exploring several hypotheses by developing mechanistic models that can explain the epidemiological shift in measles dynamics.


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